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Our Approach: Turnkey Industrial Projects

Africa Industrial Hub revolutionizes the process of industrialization by offering turnkey industrial projects tailored to the needs of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) across the continent. Our digital platform serves as a one-stop destination where entrepreneurs can explore a diverse range of turnkey projects, enabling them to kickstart their manufacturing ventures efficiently and effectively.

1. Project Selection

Entrepreneurs can browse through a curated selection of turnkey industrial projects, each designed to meet specific manufacturing needs. Whether it’s food processing, textile manufacturing, or automotive assembly, our platform features a comprehensive array of projects encompassing various sectors and industries.

2. Customized Project Sizing

Upon selecting a project of interest, SMEs can proceed to the next step, where they have the flexibility to choose the size of their manufacturing plant. Whether they opt for a small-scale operation to cater to local demand or a large-scale facility targeting regional markets, our turnkey projects are scalable to accommodate diverse entrepreneurial ambitions.

3. Project Requirements

Once the project size is determined, Africa Industrial Hub provides entrepreneurs with detailed information on the prerequisites for project success. This includes identifying suitable land for the manufacturing plant, estimating the required feedstock/raw materials, assessing the energy consumption of the facility, and outlining off-take agreements or letters of intent for the final products.

4. Facilitating Funding with DFI

After entrepreneurs have secured the market and raw materials, Africa Industrial Hub facilitates funding through Development Finance Institutions (DFIs). We assist SMEs in accessing financing options to support the establishment and operation of their manufacturing plants. Our network of DFIs provides tailored financial solutions, including loans, grants, and investment opportunities, to help entrepreneurs realize their industrialization goals.

5. Compliance with AfCFTA Rules of Origin

Ensuring alignment with the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) rules of origin is paramount in our approach. By adhering to these regulations, the products manufactured within these facilities are eligible for preferential treatment under the AfCFTA, facilitating seamless trade across African markets. This compliance not only enhances market access but also promotes regional integration and economic growth.