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Africa Industrial Hub is at the forefront of driving industrialization across the African continent. Committed to fostering economic growth, innovation, and sustainable development, we serve as a catalyst for businesses and communities throughout Africa. With a clear vision and focused objectives, we aim to transform Africa’s industrial landscape, unlocking opportunities and empowering the continent to reach its full potential. Through strategic initiatives and collaborative partnerships, we strive to create a prosperous future where industries thrive and communities flourish. Welcome to Africa Industrial Hub, where the journey towards industrial advancement begins.

Vision: To establish Africa as a global hub for manufacturing excellence, driving inclusive growth and prosperity for all its people.


  1. Facilitate the establishment of manufacturing facilities across Africa through strategic partnerships and project facilitation.
  2. Promote value addition and diversification of Africa’s economy by fostering industrial innovation and entrepreneurship.
  3. Support the development of sustainable industrial infrastructure and practices that enhance Africa’s competitiveness in the global marketplace.
  4. Drive job creation, skills development, and inclusive economic growth through targeted industrialization initiatives.
  5. Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders to harness the collective potential and resources for Africa’s industrial transformation.